Plain text editor for Mac OS X

On Windows, I love using notepad. However, in Mac OS X Leopard, they came up with rich text editor for TextEdit. It looks really cool when being able to see the color, HTML, etc. Sadly, in practical, it is very annoying for me for coding. For example, <html> tag becomes &lt;html&gt;, etc.

So, I decided to disable the rich text format function in TextEdit.

This is how I did it:

1. Open TextEdit > Preferences

2. Under “New Document” I selected Plain Text as format.

3. Under “Open and Save” I select first 2 boxes, to ignore rich text commands in both HTML and RTF files.

Note that “GOD [see comment below]” pressing cmd + shift + t switches between paintext and richtext mode. Thank you 🙂


3 Responses to Plain text editor for Mac OS X

  1. GOD says:

    Or you can just press cmd+shift+t for plain text editing.

    And again to go back to rich text.

  2. Rural says:

    Or better yet, use WordWrangler by Bare Bones – a free download that’s basically BBEdit Lite.

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