Open a website in a browser from commandline

My attempt to open a website in command prompt or a batch file.

I found that, for Windows, I could run


In batch script, I can do:

start explorer

Ps. Actually, I don’t really have to use start :)

In Linux, we should be able to run


(if there is Firefox)

Java JDK 6 also supports it using Browse class:

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4 Responses to Open a website in a browser from commandline

  1. zproxy says:

    You can use explorer to choose the default browser:

    start “web” explorer “http://localhost:8080″

  2. iki says:

    Start.exe itself can open the right application associated with given file type or url type, ie. default browser for http. This works:

    start “” “”

  3. iki says:

    Also the empty quotes “” are only needed if the file/url argument needs to be quoted, because start.exe considers the first argument a title of the new window (when possible, ie. ignored by most apps) if it is quoted. So if you do not need quoting the file/url, you can skip the empty title too:


    On linux, you can use xdg-open:


  4. Vo Duc Dien says:

    I’ve downloaded the software that does exactly this. From a command line open several websites without having to copy, paste VB scripts, batch files, etc… It’s at

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