Change working directory in batch

Today I found that I need /d parameter to change directory in a batch file.

For example:

cd /d c:\java

It should look something like this during the execution:




8 Responses to Change working directory in batch

  1. anchormath says:

    Thanks – I was looking for this and found surprisingly little out there for a basic need like this!

  2. Nick says:

    Thanks!! Sweet and simple, right to the point. I needed this in a pinch.

  3. ITGuru4U says:

    Awesome… just what I needed 🙂 from one developer to another… thanks mang!

  4. samlple says:

    super & thank you very much

  5. Stevie says:

    Excellent! Just what I needed, and better than other solutions out there that I found…

  6. Javed Alam says:

    thanks its made my work very easy

  7. minhkang says:

    that is needed only when you change drive. try “cd /?”

  8. Stefan says:

    Really helpful! Thank you very much!

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