How to install Infobright on Ubuntu

Recently, I have to investigate an opensource data warehousing software and my first choice is Infobright (

The installation process is pretty simple except one error:

/usr/bin/strings: ‘/lib/’ : No such file

This can be solved easily by creating a symlink to the location of the file

1. Locate the file


2. Create a symbolic link

# ln -s /path/to/ /lib/

Then you need to have MySql (if you haven’t had one)

> sudo apt-get install mysql-server

Installation process

1. Download the deb file from infobright website:

2. Make sure you are root

> su –

3. Navigate to a directory, ie /usr/local

# cd /usr/local

4. Install infobright

# dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb

5. Make sure that infobright is working properly.

More information about infobright can be found at