Setting up Synergy

Originally, I was working on Windows XP with duo monitors. I had a linux-dev-box sitting on another desk nearby. Today, I decided to move a linux-dev-box to my desk. This gave me a total of 3 monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 mice and 2 pcs. I was thinking about using a kvm-switch to save myself from swapping between keyboards and mice. However, that comes with an extra cost.

In the end, I ended up installing a program called “Synergy” ( This program allows me to share keyboard and mouse through a network. Therefore, in theory, I should only use one keyboard and mouse.

This is the steps I used to install Synergy.

Windows-Box (server)

1. Download Binary version of Synergy from the above website.

2. Install Synergy

3. Set this up as a server. (Share this computer’s mouse and keyboard)

4. Go to Screens and Links configure

5. I added 2 pcs (Screens), which are Windows and Linux hostname/IP

6. I setup links for each monitor, for example,

– Right of Windows is Linux
– Left of Linux is Windows

7. I tested it and Start the server.

(Ubuntu) Linux-Box (Client)

1. Open Terminal

2. sudo apt-get install synergy

3. synergyc -f SERVERNAME

Now, I can control 2 pcs, 3 monitors, with only a pair of mouse and keyboard.

Note: “Synergy does not do any authentication or encryption.” more info >