Rewrite url for webapp, similar to htaccess

Webapp doesn’t seem to support htaccess file. Therefore, url rewrite can be done by using UrlRewriteFilter. It can be downloaded from:

This package is very easy to install:

1. Download the package

2. Put the library in to lib folder under WEB-INF or add as dependencies through maven

3. Put the filter to web.xml in WEB-INF


4. Copy and Edit urlrewrite.xml to create the rule.

I used this UrlRewriteFilter to take the trailing slashes off the url

For example:

From http://abc.def/ghi/jkl

To http://abc.def/ghi/jkl

What I did was:

1. Tell UrlRewrite to use context path

<urlrewrite use-context=”true”>

2. Add this rule

<to type=”redirect”>$1/$2</to>

This may not be a perfect solution but it works 🙂


Exception when starting tomcat

Starting Tomcat throws: Address already in use: JVM_Bind

This is because the port has been used. To find out which program is using that port, open a command prompt

1. Get PID of the process by running netstat -a -n -o

2. Go to Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) under tab Services

3. Kill the process or change tomcat shutdown port